Finalized USAG Girls Level 2-5 Expenses

Good evening USAG Girls Level 2-5 Families!
Now that the USAG Compulsory (Level 2-5) schedule is completed and has been sent out, we have finalized your competitive expenses. 
  • Levels 2, 4 and 5 will cost $900 for the season. Therefore, you will have six competitive payments of $150 from July through December.
  • Level 3s will cost $1050 for the season. Your competitive payments will be $175 per month, July through December. Since we finalized expenses after you were already billed your first payment, we will bill the extra $25 that should have been added on this month, with your second competitive payment. Therefore, your account will show payment 1 = $150, payment 2 = $200 and 3-6 will be $175.
Once the season is over, I will go through the expenses and calculate what the season actually cost. If your athlete’s level stayed under budget, we will credit your accounts the difference. I will keep you all informed before State meets where we stand with the budget.
Thank you for your continued support! Please let me know if you have any questions at all!
Olivia Kent, Team Administrator (