Dear Parents,

We hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather as much as we are!

We have received many complaints recently about two very dangerous parking lot issues.

  1. Customers are driving in and out in the wrong direction! The in to our parking lot is off of 41st Road. There are signs and paint on the black top. The out of our parking lot exits onto 27th Lane. There are signs there as well and an arrow on the black top. This has been the in and out forever. Please pay attention to that on entering and exiting the parking lot. Please also SLOW down as there are young children exiting the building with their parents.
  2. Customers are parking and lining up in front of the picnic table and waiting for their children to exit. This is NOT safe and needs to stop. Customers that are doing this are blocking the rest of the parking lot. Please park and enter the building to take your child home from class.

Thanks for following our requests to keep our children safe! We will be having the black top arrows RE-painted as quickly as we can get to it!

Thanks for your continued support of Sun Country.

Linda and Staff