TBT Swinging Safari Invitational

Good afternoon Parents!

Attached is the schedule for the Tampa Bay Turners meet on October 13th/14th. The first page of the document is the official meet schedule, and the second page has all the girls names and what times they go. Tried to make it as easy to interpret as possible, but if there is something you’re unsure about, please let me know. I’d be happy to help 🙂

The door admissions fees are as follows: Adults are $10 and Children are $5. Parking at the venue is free. Please make sure to be at least 15 minutes early to the meet. There is a chance that they could start their sessions a bit early like Daytona did. You guys did an amazing job having the girls dressed in their leo and warm ups, and their hair looked great!! 🙂

TBT Safari Schedule

Keep up the great work, and Go Team SC!

Coach Olivia