USAG Girls Spring Break Schedule

USAG Girls will be on the follow schedule for the week of 3/23:



M-F: 9-1 pm – Friday practice will be for Level 6/7s only with Coach Mark while the 8/9s are at State Meet.



Developmental – T,F: 1-3 pm

Level 2 – M, W, F: 1-4 pm

Level 3-5 – M,T,R,F: 1-4 pm


TOPS A: Wednesday: 1:15-3:15 pm; Friday: 1-2:30 pm (With Coach Greg)

TOPS B: Monday: 4-5 pm; Wednesday: 1:15-3:15 pm


Good Friday, 4/3:

Optionals – 9-1 pm

Compulsory L2-5: 1-4 pm


No Saturday practice on 4/4. A whole weekend off! How exciting!